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Looking for midget strippers? We have MANY little person exotic dancers BUT they may not live near you. The good news is they travel to your party location. Since travel costs vary, we require a $1000 deposit first, then refund the difference after your midget stripper is scheduled.

Otherwise please read the following about expectations and pricing…

Hire Midget Strippers For Your Private Party
The following are estimated costs to hire a midget exotic dancer in these cities:

Typical Midget Stripper Prices

  • $800 Las Vegas
  • $900 Atlantic City
  • $700 Houston
  • $1000 Boston
  • $850 Miami
  • $850 Charleston
  • $750 NYC
  • $500 Chicago

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Depending on where you live it might be cheaper to fly out to Nevada and have our Las Vegas female midget stripper Laylani perform for your guests.

How to Plan When Booking Midget Strippers

In addition to having clearer expectations when booking a midget stripper, you will also learn some insight before you make a purchase.

First of all you need to set your budget. If price is an issue, stick with a regular exotic dancer. If your party is in a city where our little person talent does not reside, the cost gets significantly higher. As a result prices range from $800 – $1200 when you include travel accommodations.

You must contact us for availability and get a price quote. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY. Price is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

More on Midget Dancer Pricing

So who pays $1200+ for 30 minutes to an hour of entertainment? First of all, Hunks & Babes has the same low agency fee for midget strippers as we do for our regular dancers. This means over 90% of the cost is for the actual entertainment. We recently had a customer pay $2300 for a 30-minute show in Billings Montana and $2200 of it was to pay the little person, hotel, and airfare. Most noteworthy, customers who need our service are willing to pay for reliability.

The lowest price female midget exotic dancer we had was for $500 (Nevaeh from Chicago). She has since retired but we have seen other agencies post her old photos under a different name.

Now that we are on the topic of deception, not all companies are honest as described in the next case…

The Common Bait & Switch Midget Stripper Story

Unfortunately every weekend we have customers request same day (last minute) service for little person strippers. First of all, other stripping agencies cause this by promising a hot midget stripper.

Seems like a bargain deal when a dwarf stripper costs the same as a normal stripper, right? So who shows up at your door? A regular dancer instead!

Furthermore, your guests have been waiting, it’s late, and you have no other entertainment since you put everything into this midget stripper.

As a result, customers frequently contact us to get an emergency replacement little person stripper (which is how we hear about these stories). Since it is impossible to schedule midget strippers last minute, we need at least a week’s notice. So if you really want a little person stripper, at least reach out to us so we can help guide you.

There are many reasons why hiring a midget stripper may not work out, but now hopefully a bait and switch will NOT be one of them.

St. Patrick’s Day Midget Strippers

Yes! We have little person exotic dancers who also dress in leprechaun costumes!

st patricks leprechaun midget strippers

Frequently Asked Midget Stripper Questions

Here are some common questions we get:

Is it worth the money to hire midget strippers?

Yes, it is truly a unique experience! Having a little person strip tease is something you will always remember. Most of the cost goes to paying the entertainer including the travel expenses. Some Hunks & Babes midget exotic dancers have traveled up to 1,100 miles! We are one of they few agencies that can provide this special service to private parties.

Why can’t you lower the price on little person dancers?

Our agency fee (the amount we make) is the same price as if you ordered a regular dancer. Midget strippers always travel with a bodyguard/aid whom also needs compensation. Little person entertainers are highly requested. Another factor is we only employ 1 or 2 little person strippers in each major city. As a result, our little person talent will only perform at your party for the price we quote you. Consequently, the only way to get a lower price is if you are lucky enough to have the dwarf entertainer live close by.

How much time do I need to hire midget entertainment?

You need to reserve any midget strippers AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We need at least 2 weeks’ notice to schedule dwarf entertainment. It takes a huge effort from our staff to ensure your party goes smoothly. HB Strippers has been in business since 2002 and employs over 900+ exclusive dancers. No other company will have the resources or expertise to make your party happen.

Please visit our contact page and provide us with details about your party.

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Never Before Seen Pictures of Midget Strippers

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