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3 Step Process

1. Select your city
2. Choose a stripper
3. Book your party date

How to Order Party Strippers Quick and Easy.

Access our exclusive talent and book them online. Have our 20+ years of experience work for you.

Simple Ordering

First, select your city closest to you. Then choose either a Hunk or Babe to view available strippers. Next, when you find a dancer you like, simply add your party date and checkout.

Order Notes

Please be aware you must have at least 5 guests. This means our dancers do NOT perform if you have only one guest. Still wondering how to order a stripper? Please Contact Us


How Payment Works

Your total is always split into 2 payments

Easy to Understand

The first portion goes on your CARD. After that, the remaining CASH balance is paid to your stripper(s) upon arrival.

Our payment framework is how we provide you with superior entertainment.

Any travel fees are agreed upon via text or phone before your order is complete.

You get full details in our email.

Card Deposit First

Get the dancer you want by locking in your party date with a card.

Cash Payment Next

Have cash balance ready for the dancer when they arrive.

All orders have bank-level security.

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Stripper Agency Red Flags

Reduce your vulnerability to getting ripped off.

Mandatory Tip

This rip-off tactic requires you to pay $200-300 in addition to what you already paid for, or thought you paid for.

Attracts lazy strippers

Doubles or triples the price

All Cash Transaction

You need the agency fee on a charge card. This gives you leverage in case of an issue. Otherwise, you are at risk for a no-show.

No Booking Calendar

Most strippers also have day jobs and are not available 24/7. If you can’t see their schedule when ordering, how do you know if your party date will work?

Fake Pictures

Big Bertha shows up to your party after you unknowingly chose from stolen Instagram photos. Here’s some clues to spot this bait and switch tactic.

Site has you pick numbers instead of dancer names

Site has more than 30 dancers available in one location

No videos of the stripper proving they work for agency

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Strippers for Hire for any Occasion

Cheer up someone you love and have fun in the process

hb stripper testimonial dianna

Robbie put on a show that still has some of my friends blushing. Last night was probably the most spectacular evening of my life and I have you to thank for that. I’m not letting illness dictate my life.

Thank you so much Laurie!


Stage 4, 'going out with a bang' party


HB is the Leader in Party Strippers

Time proven success for thousands of private parties


You are in control of how much to tip. HB dancers keep 100% of their cash.

The most desired strippers don’t work for us, they work for YOU.

You get a professional stripper dedicated to making your party wildly entertaining.


A deposit on your card holds HB accountable to your satisfaction.

H&B Entertainment appears on your statement, not some guy’s name or a shell company.

Any issues are quickly resolved by our team.


Maybe you can have fun at the party too! Only tears from laughing here.

Have peace of mind knowing your stripper arrives within a 1-hour window.

Be confident your friends will enjoy your sexy surprise.

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Party Advice

During Your Strip Show

FAQs about tipping your stripper


Tipping how much, when, and for what…

how much to tip a stripper

Here’s a quick table on different tipping levels

Tipping is necessary during a strip show. However, tipping etiquette can be confusing because how much you tip is not as easy as when you’re in a restaurant tipping on food (percentage).

Instead, tipping goes by crowd size and level of effort your entertainer gives you. To help you out, here is a typical range of tips from an average crowd size of 25 people (keep in mind most of the cash is in single bills):

Tipping Level based on 25 guests Amount

$1 – 4 per person

$5 – 9 per person

over $10 per person
when to tip stripper

So, when is the best TIME to tip a stripper?

We have found it is best to tip your stripper during their entire performance.

You want to shower the entertainer with singles, place them in their underwear, or ‘hide’ them on a guest for the dancer to find.

All strippers incorporate tips into their show.

Tipping early sets the tone for getting the best show from your performer.

tipping female strippers

FEMALE strippers perform more party tricks

Female dancers might offer certain small tricks which usually range from $5 – $20 each. This is separate from normal tipping and may include whipped cream body shots, pudding pops, and slip n’ slides, etc.

Then there is the grand finale upgrade. This includes either a toy show or a girl on girl show. Since often times girls double their normal price for a spontaneous toy show, we have given you the option to pre-order one of our Fantasy Shows at a predetermined (lower) price. Booking with us saves you money and hassle.

Additionally, booking ahead of time helps you avoid haggling prices during a performance. Hunks & Babes further helps you avoid these and other situations by clear communication between customers and entertainers.

Therefore, dancers are happy to give you their best and you can rest easy knowing you get the best value for your money.

tipping male strippers

MALE strippers usually charge extra for…

First, male entertainers cannot perform as many tricks as females. So, they usually ask if you want to upgrade their show before they begin. As a starting point, all male dancers strip down to a thong (or similar).

Our Hunks strip fully nude for an additional amount. Typically, guys start at $100 to expose their ‘special package’. This option is never prebooked because it depends on the mutual comfort level between male stripper and guests.

The last thing they may (or may not) charge you for is the ability to take pictures.

Either way, having extra money for these options ahead of time will give you a smoother experience.

One last tip on tipping

In conclusion, tip what you feel is appropriate. This task does not have to fall on you. Some hosts only pay for the stripper and then have guests do the tipping. Ideally, you should trade your singles with guest’s larger bills.

What does my stripper bring?

Your entertainment arrives ready-to-dance with their own music, player, and props for their performance.

Most dancers also need a room to change into their costume.

At this point, you pay the cash portion to them before they begin.

Typical Stripper Pricing

The average price of strippers is around $300. Select your city for exact pricing.

Additionally, farther party locations might have a travel fee added to the dancer’s cash portion. In this case, you are notified by email, phone call, or text before filling your order.

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