Stripper Tips and Tipping Etiquette


How MUCH do I tip a stripper?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following is about tipping private party strippers, which is different from tipping strip club strippers.

Tipping is necessary during a strip show. However, tipping etiquette can be confusing because how much you tip is not as easy as when you’re in a restaurant tipping on food (percentage). Instead, tipping goes by crowd size and level of effort your entertainer gives you. To help you out, here is a typical range of tips from an average crowd size of 25 people (keep in mind mostly all of the cash should be in single bills):

Tipping Level based on 25 guests Amount
Minimum $ $1 – 3 per person
Normal $$ $4 – 6 per person
High $$$ over $7 per person

So, when is the best TIME to tip a stripper?

We have found it is best to tip a stripper within the first 2 minutes of their show. At this point, you want to shower the entertainer with singles, place them in their underwear, or hide them on a guest for the dancer to find. There are endless creative ways the stripper incorporates tips into their show. Tipping the most you can early sets the tone for the best show from your performer.

FEMALE strippers do more to make more

In addition to normal tipping, some girls may charge extra for whipped cream body shots, pudding, toys, or specific acrobatic tricks. It is normal for customers to turn down stripper tricks. However, it might be disrespectful and offensive if you haggle prices. Hunks & Babes helps avoid these situations by allowing you to order upgrades at a predetermined price. Therefore dancers are happy to give you their best. Finally, you can rest easy knowing you get the best value for your money.

MALE strippers usually charge extra for these 2 things…

First, male entertainers cannot perform as many tricks as females. So, they usually ask if you want to upgrade their show before they begin. As a starting point, all male dancers strip down to a thong (or similar). However, some of the guys will strip fully nude for an additional amount. Typically, guys charge around $50 up to $100 to expose their ‘special package’. The last thing they may (or may not) charge you for is the ability to take pictures. Either way, having extra money for these options ahead of time will give you a smoother experience.

A final tip on tipping

In conclusion, tip what you feel is appropriate. One final note:  go to the bank and get some single dollar bills if you are in charge of the party. You can then have your guests trade their larger bills when they arrive. That’s it, now you’re a pro! Go have some fun!

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