Why Are Strippers Expensive?

This is probably your first time looking for strippers if the prices shock you. There are more stripping agencies to choose from now than ever before. There is roughly one new stripping agency added to the mix every day.

Finding the lowest price on the best service has been an increasing challenge to our customers. If you are like most, this is your first (and last) experience ordering strippers. Your friends are counting on you and there is a budget.

So what do you do?

Nothing is more embarrassing than getting an ugly or inexperienced stripper at your party. It is awkward and completely avoidable. These ‘low demand strippers’ work for almost half the price and usually are found on Craigslist or similar.

Newer agencies employ these scary ‘Craigslist dancers’ but post fake pictures of a hot model for you to choose. Imagine your party a total nightmare – from theft of your valuables to fights with dancer’s drivers. From the stories we hear, nightmare is putting it lightly.

We want you to sleep at night, so we only hire the best of the best! The only way to attract quality is to pay for it. We are not the cheapest because our dancers are paid the most in the industry. Hunks & Babes agency fee is the LOWEST (roughly $50 to $75 per dancer). Don’t forget we use OUR OWN dancers, so there is no markup.

We will stand behind you and the quality of service you receive.

-HB Management

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