Competitor Notice

The following is a letter one of our customers sent Hunks and Babes thanking us for sending him a last minute stripper. The letter goes:

Dear H & B,

Thanks again for your help straightening out the mess of a party I had last week. I attached a screen shot of the ‘strippers’ I had to choose for Julio’s party. I took a photo of the girl they sent me; I wish it were a joke. It was real. I wanted to show you the deceit and trickery I fell victim too with [Company X]*. As you can see, they did not send me anyone close to who they had on their site. Is that even legal?

Since you saved my life sending me strippers on short notice, I was hoping you can recommend how I go about getting my cash back from the company. They refuse to pick up my calls. Any help would be appreciated.

I will post as many reviews as I can to warn everybody about [Company X]. You can use this for your site; just don’t use my personal info.

Ron – Manhattan, NY


What Ron Ordered*

competitors strippers

What Ron Got

Our Thoughts

Unfortunately, we hear stories like Ron’s every week. It gives our industry a bad name and we feel responsible for educating you on what really happens. If you read this letter, consider yourself lucky. At least now Ron has comfort in knowing he helps others avoid his same mistake when ordering strippers.

In addition, Hunks and Babes also helps you make the right buying decision by verifying pictures of all our strippers. Further more, we take another step (unheard of in the industry) and remove dancer’s pictures who no longer work for us. This process helps you make better choices, and then we also meet your expectations.

Therefore, you may only see a small handful of dancers in certain areas we cover. After successfully entertaining over 200,000 parties since 2002, we know what you want and how to provide it to you.

Finally, we hope to earn your business!

-HB Management

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*We censored this info to protect the company’s reputation. (Yes, we do care about everybody)