3 Common Mistakes When Ordering Strippers

It’s vital to know how to plan a party the right way when ordering strippers. If you are like many customers, you have already scouted many agencies and have done painstaking research. However you cannot stop there, knowing exactly what to avoid is also important.

Here you will find mistakes thousands of others have made to help you steer clear of the same situations. Here are the 3 largest errors that individuals make ordering strippers.


Finally! The stripper arrives but something is wrong. The stripper looks like the one you picked online, but it’s not even close. Most dancers will NOT have amazingly perfect photos and NONE of them want fully nude pictures posted. Therefore, any site that has these ‘bait’ photos should be a red flag for you. For example, take a quick look at this shocking customer experience.

Also, agencies leave old photos of dancers who no longer work there for you to choose. Worse yet, they have copied pictures from adult websites and paste them in profiles as strippers. You need to look for recent reviews and avoid strippers with comments like “doesn’t look like picture” or “I ordered Cindy but Tammy showed up”. Some companies might refund your deposit but you will never get your cash back once you pay a stripper at the door. In other words, do not be afraid to turn away your stripper if they do not meet your expectations.


Today, most reputable agencies have you make a deposit with your card, then pay a cash balance to the entertainer. However, the problem begins when strippers begin charging you extra fees at the door – especially after you feel like you already paid for specific service. This is most common with female strippers because they offer different versions of strip shows. For example, an exotic dancer who uses toys at her show will cost you a lot more than if she performs only a topless striptease. The mind-blowing frustration is that some agencies purposely fail to disclose truthful details about the level of service you are purchasing and hope to bait you with the lowest price. This leads to strippers hustling and bartering your guests for more money in order to continue. Here’s an analogy of the situation:

Imagine ordering a Big Mac inside McDonald’s for 50 cents. They bring you a tray of empty buns and tell you each meat patty is $1, each condiment is 50 cents, lettuce is extra . . . you get the picture. Cheaper is not always better so try to balance your fear of getting ripped off with logic. Your job is to make sure you know what level of service you are paying for.


You spend hours of research and still get let down in the end. Many customers like you feel pressure when planning an event. Your reputation is on the line. Other customers have found that clear communication is vital to making their event successful. Even after everything is all set, it is a good idea to call your agency the night before your party and re-confirm your stripper is still scheduled for your party.

One last word of advice, room reservations, limo pickup times, restricted parking, or special access to a location – all need to be in your notes to the agency. Many mistakes can be avoided by giving extra details about your party to the stripping agency you choose, whether it’s Hunks & Babes or not.

Finally Ready to Order Strippers ?

Carefully avoiding these mistakes will assure you optimal results when ordering strippers for your party.
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