3 Things to Avoid When Planning a Chicago Bachelor Party


When it comes to planning your Chicago bachelor party, there is no doubt that you’ve got a lot of ideas. After all, you’re talking about one of the most dynamic, exciting cities in the country. For example, if you’re planning your bachelor party in the summertime, you can talk advantage of outdoor drinking, baseball games, and more. If you’re planning a bachelor party for the fall, you may want to include a Bears game in the festivities.

Simply put, when it comes to planning a Chicago bachelor party, you have options.

And while we’re not going to tell you what to do, we do have a few suggestions for things you definitely shouldn’t do. And when it comes to planning the perfect Chicago bachelor party, the only suggestion we’re going to make is that you get your strippers from the best source possible. To that end, you’re going to love what Hunks and Babes Strippers can bring to the table. We give you our best dancers, and have the most bachelor party planning experience found anywhere. We can take care of just about everything (except for your hangover the next day).

And when it comes to what you shouldn’t do when planning a bachelor party, our experience has more than a couple of suggestions for you.

What to Avoid When Planning Your Chicago Bachelor Party

When it comes to planning your ideal bachelor party, we want you to be in control. When it comes to things you should avoid, we have a few suggestions:

  • Do not have the party right before the wedding: This is one of those things that movies have really gotten wrong. While it might make sense to celebrate a man’s last night of “freedom” on the actual last night, doing so can be a mistake on a variety of levels. For one thing, it can leave the groom in pretty miserable shape for the wedding the next day. In addition, the ceremony will likely be held in the late morning or early afternoon. Nothing a few mimosas can’t fix ;)
  • Do not assume that everyone’s rich: In terms of putting together your bachelor party, make sure everyone can afford it, including your friend with the two kids and a mortgage. A good solution is to create a private group message and tell everyone the cost per head to get your party going.
  • Don’t go nuts: If your bachelor party runs the whole weekend, it’s just a dumb idea to go all-out on the first night. Have a blast, but pace yourselves. Some might recover faster than others but why chance it when you invest so much time and money. Make sure you have plenty left in the tank for Saturday.

These are fairly straightforward things for a Chicago bachelor party. Hopefully awareness to the situation will help maximize your fun and create memories for a lifetime.