5 Ways To Get More Time From Your Female Chicago Strippers

When it comes to female Chicago strippers, you’re talking about some of the most beautiful exotic dancers in the world. Chicago female strippers are among the most beautiful, intelligent, and engaging women in Chicago. However sexy they are, you can optimize your time spent with them in five different ways.

Simply put, if you have female Chicago strippers at your bachelor party, you are half way there. In addition, there are key ingredients to add and create a memorable occasion. When you contact the best stripper agency in Chicago for your dancers, you’ll definitely get all of the benefits of having awesome entertainment.

And if you want to get a little more time, there are actually a few different things you can do.

How To Get More Time From Your Female Chicago Strippers

If you’re hosting the party at a venue such as a hotel, make sure to try keep the noise down as best as possible. This helps extend your time because hotel security can stop the strip show. If nothing else, let the hotel know what you’re doing. They might be willing to work with, in order to ensure the party goes on for as long as possible.
In terms of compelling your dancer to stick around for as long as possible, you have some choices.

Here are a few things to try with female Chicago strippers:

  1. Create the most comfortable environment possible. Try to have a floor that features carpeting, rather than hardwood floors. Dancers tend to have at least a few moves that utilize the knees making contact with the ground, and something like a hardwood floor can get very painful quickly. You can even stock up on extra clean towels, fancy shots, and other essentials. Female Chicago strippers will bring their own, but having extras on hand can go a long way towards creating that comfortable environment we talked about.
  2. Create a friendly, casual atmosphere. Make sure your buddies are on board with this. If a stripper walks into a room that’s full of enthusiasm, it can certainly encourage them to stay a little longer.
  3. Schedule your stripper/strippers for later in the evening. If you schedule things later in the day, and you’re willing to keep things as casual and enjoyable for the stripper as possible, you might be able to compel them to stick around for a little while longer.
  4. Plenty of cash/tips. At the end of the day, tips and cash can always compel dancers to stay longer. Even asking them outright can be beneficial.
  5. Create a hospitable environment. Let your female Chicago strippers get a bite or a drink. If they’re calm and well-fed, they’re far more likely to hang out!