Sheriff’s captain did a lot more than lap-dance

Sheriff’s captain did a lot more than lapdance
Being observed in the jail operations office in October 2012 standing between the legs of another staffer “gyrating” provocatively and “winding and dancing downward” near his lap. ? Using her key card to enter offices throughout the courthouse complex …
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Nicole Kidman jokes about her infamous lapdance with Jimmy Kimmel
Nicole Kidman’s last appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was one to remember as she gave the late night host a racy but short-lived lapdance. And while the 46-year-old’s return to the show on Tuesday was a bit more tame, she certainly made a point of …
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Steve Gayle, guest columnist: Policing lapdancing in Waco? Give us a break
I am not a visitor of local honky-tonks, strip clubs or nude bars, but listening to that news flash about cracking down on lap dancing and whatnot, along with another story warning people not to roll through stops at right-turn areas, just blew the …
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