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Judge helps it rain for strippers with $10.8M prize in Rick’s Cabaret wage suit
A national judge on Friday purchased a Midtown jiggle combined to spend $ 10.8 million in problems for ripping off unique performers by wrongfully keeping their particular guidelines and classifying them as separate contractors — not in-house staff members — to prevent …
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New York Strippers Earn Million in Right Back Wages
“There is a proper mythology regarding the wealthy stripper who has made heaps of income,” she said by phone Friday. “People see all the cash the clients share with the performers. Whatever they don’t see is all the cash returning from the entertainer into club.”.
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Federal Judge Awards Strippers 10,000,000 In Work Dispute
Rick’s Cabaret, a strip club in Midtown New York, owes more than $ 10 million in back pay to about 1,900 performers whom performed truth be told there without having to be paid hourly wages, a federal judge ruled on Friday. The judge, Paul A. Engelmayer associated with Southern …
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Strippers And Sex Workers Show Industry Who’s Boss At NYC Women’s Strike

As women protested violence and unequal treatment around the world yesterday, some of New York’s most visible caregivers came out to ensure that members of their ancient, massive industry are no longer left behind.

On Thursday, millions of women in countries across the globe took to the streets in honor of International Women’s Day and the International Women’s Strike, which seek to promote and strengthen women’s positions, safety and work throughout society. In New York City, supporters rallied at Washington Square Park in lower Manhattan, where a range of political and professional groups were represented with enthusiasm despite the chilly weather.

In addition to nurses, teachers, graduate students, and numerous social organizations, a contingent of NYC-area strippers and sex workers were on hand to address the many dangers and downsides to their multibillion-dollar industry.

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