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How this Brit wooed two gorgeous women into his ‘throuple’
“The first time we slept with another woman was when we went to a free strip club and picked up one of the strippers working there.” Lyons adds, “We ended up checking in to a hotel and having two nights of incredible sex. I barely slept the whole time …
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The Women Of The CIA Couldn’t Be Happier ‘Homeland’ Fired Carrie Mathison
This, all before we even get into the ubiquity of some female professionals all over the prestige drama dial—the countless strippers-as-window-dressing, escorts-as-plot-devices, aspiring actresses, waitresses—who, of course, show up only to be naked …
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RealDoll Sex Toys: The Making of Sexbots (NSFW)
God, I absolutely love women.” And especially their legs. “That’s what attracts me to a woman as much as a face, if not more.” Big problem, though: “My fundamental personality conflict is that I really like women but I don’t like to be around people …
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