juicy J bands make her dance…live in Houston with strippers…..

I claim no rights over this music…I just filmed, edited,and directed….Juicy J live in Houston at the warehouse live….along with strip club footage.

A sequence from House Party 3 where there are various strippers doing their thang. Miss Angina Williams is my favorite. If this gets you ready for a party, then checkout these sexy strippers that travel to your location.

Floyd Mayweather’s Wild Weekday House Party: Stacks of Cash, Scores of Strippers

So far, it seems retirement agrees just fine with Floyd Mayweather (sorry, Manny Pacquiao). When he isn’t jetting to remote corners of the globe or singing karaoke with Justin Bieber, the man known as Money is busy keeping his car collection current – at the moment, he owns something like $30 million worth of vehicles (not counting the ones that caught fire) – and buying jewelry in bulk.

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