Exotic Dancers Strip in Stripper Mobile on Las Vegas Strip

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Exotic Dancers Strip in Stripper mobile phone on vegas Strip

Exotic Dancers strip on wheels. Las Vegas, Nevada Strip club utilizes pole dancers to entertain from the strip. If you fail to make it into the club, you can watch while at a …

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The Legality of Vegas Lap Dances

The legal status of lap dancing in Las Vegas goes back to a case that began with 13 dancers from the now-defunct Crazy Horse Too were arrested for violating the Las Vegas Erotic Dance Code, which says: “No dancer shall fondle or caress any patron, and no patron shall fondle or caress any dancer.”

Now, the wording of that section of the law may sound pretty clear, but no one had ever tried to enforce the law, since lap dancing had become common in the Las Vegas strip clubs.

The Crazy Horse Too dancers fought the charges against them on the grounds that the law was “vague,” since the terms fondling and caressing were not precisely defined. And as was widely expected in Las Vegas at that time, the dancers won their case. It was thrown out of court by Municipal Court Judge Betsy Kolkoski, who agreed with the dancers that the law was unconstitutionally vague.

Long Live the Constitution

So, what does this all mean?

It means the lap dancing in Vegas is pretty loose. This doesn’t mean that you have a “right” to fondle or caress any dancer who sits in your lap. The important point is that if she allows you to touch her, you can’t be arrested for doing so, nor will she won’t be arrested for allowing (or even encouraging) you to do so.

Bottom line: If a Las Vegas stripper wants to exercise her First Amendment rights while she’s in your lap, long live the Constitution!



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