Court awards New York strippers $10.8M in back wages

Court honors ny strippers $10.8M in back wages
“There is a genuine mythology associated with rich stripper having made piles of cash,” she stated by phone Friday. “People see all the money that the customers give to the performers. Whatever they don’t see is all the amount of money heading back from entertainer towards club.”.
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Guy files request to reveal strippers‘ identities in Kitsap Co.
KITSAP COUNTY, Wash. — a guy in Tacoma is trying once more to make use of a community disclosure legislation to get the names of certified strippers, now in Kitsap County. Despite losing the same battle in Pierce County, Robert Hill has actually recorded a public disclosure …
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5 found guilty in robbery plot that used strippers to distract sufferer
Two strippers, Jeanette Campbell, 27, and Aubry Toews, 25, were hired to distract Sanderson inside an apartment until they robbed him, the Bee reported. But some thing went wrong inside apartment and Godines shot Sanderson, authorities said.
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