Becoming a Male Stripper

Wanna Be a Male Stripper?

Welcome to the most prestigious stripper company in the USA. Yes, we have stripper jobs. We’re a top level agency, our website gets over 2,000 DAILY visitors (the highest in the industry), and we are STILL GROWING! However, we also employ over 900 dancers! To stand out, please invest in professional photos so you get more bookings and make more money. At this point we are hiring strippers at a rate of one out of 100 applicants. Our customers expect accurate, well-lit, high quality photos (see pictures tab below).

Male Stripper Jobs

We are especially looking for muscular, good looking gentlemen who have a positive attitude and ambition to make huge piles of cash every week. There is an equal demand for your talent as there is for our Babes, yet only 45% of our team is male strippers. This creates an opportunity for you to get more shows from us.

In addition to getting more work, you also get the highest cash pickup in the industry. HB Strippers is able to balance the total cost by reducing the agency fee for customers because of the massive volume we do. No other agency can touch us.

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Yep, we have plenty of stripper jobs, more specifically male stripper jobs. If you think you have what it takes to be a hunk for Hunks and Babes, then complete your stripper application.