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webcam stripper shows

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Local Strip Clubs vs Hiring Fresno Strippers to Travel to You

Your best friend is getting married and you’ve been designated to throw a bachelor party, or perhaps it’s a special birthday celebration, the reasons to hire a stripper are endless!

In any case, you are now faced with the pressure of making the decision to go to a nearby strip club in Fresno, or hire a local stripper that will travel to you.

There’s benefits to both, and to help you decide we’ve outlined the pros and cons, but really it comes down to what you have more control over versus the other.

Choice of Female Strippers

Most local strip clubs have up to a hundred or more strippers that work for them, so you’ll never know exactly who will be entertaining your group until you get there.

Some of you may be thinking, so what?

Well, we’re sure your guest of honor has a preference, which most of us do, be it an exotic beauty, or a blonde amazon with legs that won’t quit!

Besides that, you’re in charge of making sure it’s a flawless unforgettable striptease experience, so why not make sure you have the best Fresno strippers booked for your private party!

Once you book a stripper, everything else falls into place, putting you well on your way to creating those infamous stories you’ll be retelling for years to come!

How HOT Do You Want Your Fresno Stripper Party?

Silly question, we know, but it’s something to consider.  When you and the guys are at the local strip club, you’re not the only one’s there to be entertained.

The strippers will gravitate to the largest tipper, that’s right, you better bring stacks of cash!

Not to mention, you might end up throwing all those dollar bills to B-list strippers, because the good one’s are in high demand and more than likely performing at private parties–it’s basic stripper economics!

Why leave any of it to chance? Get the “Jessica Alba for your private party, or better yet, reserve the Hunks & Babes 2 Girl Fantasy Show.

When you rent a stripper that travels to your private party, you control the location, as well as keep the focus and “hotness” on your guest of honor and his friends!

If you end up booking the 2 Girl Fantasy Show, just know that it is an extremely intense unforgettable private show!

And don’t worry about which strippers you choose, all of our female Fresno exotic strippers are trained to perform this special show, but don’t wait till the last minute.

Strip Club Costs vs Private Stripper Parties

Well, we’ve already mentioned the stacks of cash you’ll need at the local strip club just to compete with the other patrons for the strippers attention.

And, there are a couple more things to consider, like the cost of well drinks at the bar, and a limo or taxi ride home for everyone attending.

Hopefully, you don’t have one of those friends toward the end of the night yelling, “drinks for everyone!”  There’s always one…

On the other hand, booking a stripper to travel to your private party, gives you the best control over costs.

You can have your party at someone’s house, or in a luxury hotel room, and in either case, you can stock the liquor yourself from your local store.

And, there’s no need for a limo or taxi service, everyone can just pick a spot and crash!

You’ll still need a stack of cash for tipping your stripper throughout her performance, encouraging her to stay longer and perform some of those unspeakable tricks.

Are Fresno Strip Clubs Safe?

Most have a safe atmosphere, but it’s always best to check reviews online, or better yet, visit the strip club prior to your event at night to get a feel for the atmosphere.

If you decide to have your party at a local strip club, just remember the extra costs we mentioned above, as well as, the need for a limo or taxi service.

Your best bet to ensure as much safety for your guest of honor and friends, is to rent a hotel suite or have everyone come to the house for the ultimate private party striptease!

Here are 5 tips to get your Fresno strippers to stay longer (if you like them):

-Always tip a bit before the performance.
-Save all the singles for throughout the show.
-Value your strippers schedule even if they were late.
-Start right away, strippers don’t like to wait around.
-Include your stripper in a toast to the guest of honor.

Strip Club Etiquette

Strip clubs are a place of complete sensory overload, gorgeous women everywhere, loud music, booze, low lights with dark corners and moving bodieslet the fantasy begin!

But, that said, there are some very strict rules of engagement, so here are some tips to help you NOT get kicked out!

Tip-1: No Video or Photographs

Yep, you read that correctly, don’t video or take pictures of the striptease artist on stage performing, or giving your guest of honor a lap dance…just don’t do it.  You will surely get the boot!

Tip-2: Nobody Wants to See Your Johnson, aka Your Junk

We hate to tell you, but no one really wants to see a picture of your junk.  Maybe your girlfriend, and we do stress “maybe.”

The cover fee that you and the guys paid to get into the club was’t a carte blanche check  to completely forget what your mamma taught ya.  Remember why you’re there and who you came with, and enjoy the show!

Tip-3: No Licking, Kissing, or Groping

WHAT! Well, you could ignore the warning, but just know that  your time in the club will be extremely limited, as in, here comes the bouncer to throw you out!  Look with your eyes, not your hands. 

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