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At 4’2”, 90 pounds, Laylani is our most popular little person exotic dancer from Las Vegas – and the country! Customers outside Vegas cover her flight and hotel just to experience her once in a lifetime performance.

    Total includes flight/hotel for your midget dancer & security (2 people) to travel to your party. More importantly, you are guaranteed the midget you order.
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How does this work?

First you reserve a midget stripper by booking here and authorizing your card. Next, we purchase the lowest airfare and hotel to get to your party. More importantly, booking far in advance reduces your travel cost.

Finally, both the travel & agency fees go on your card (usually lower than what you authorize for). The remaining cash balance is paid to your entertainer upon arrival.


Since H&B is buying non-refundable tickets, there are no refunds unless some rare reason we cannot entertain your party.


Since H&B is purchasing non-refundable airfare, you will not receive a refund on your card.

You can move the party location within a 10 minute drive of the original address, but you can not change the date or time of the party.