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It is important to understand we treat our dancers with the same respect as our customers.

You get the best dancers because we compensate them the best in the industry.

This is how we attract and keep top performers. You will NOT find second-rate dancers here. In fact, you get first string strippers from an all-star team.

How Much Does a Stripper Cost?

Since high quality comes at a price, we further offset the total cost by giving you the lowest agency fees in the country.

This combination gives you the greatest value for your money. Ultimately, your party entertainment is in the best hands for the price you pay.

How Does Pricing Work?

We protect our customers! Introducing True Pricing™ – confidently order knowing the actual price of entertainment.† This eliminates dancers from overcharging you and/or leaving early.

If you’re looking at our Babes, consider upgrading to a Fantasy Show. This way you get a longer performance at a set low price.

Critical Tipping Info

YOU are in control of how much to tip. Our dancers work extremely hard to keep you happy when they have to earn their tips.

Alternatively, other agencies with “$100 strippers” secretly require a mandatory tip which more than doubles your total. We hear stories like this every week, so don’t be a victim!

You can’t go wrong with any stripper on this site. Get additional peace of mind knowing you booked with the #1 most trusted stripping agency in America. Simply select your city and lock in your fun!! Order male strippers or female strippers right here in 5 minutes:


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Male Stripper Prices

How much is a male stripper? How to order a male stripper

Most Common Option

Popular Show ~ $225
A top choice for bachelorettes! One hot Hunk strips down to a thong giving extra attention to your guest of honor. In addition, your dancer customizes the intensity of his show from mild to wild based on your guest’s comfort level.

This professional strip show lasts 30-45 minutes* depending on participation from your guests. Fully nude is optional and depends on the dancer.
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Alternate Options

Shirtless Waiter ~ $225
Each waiter is booked by the hour and serves drinks while entertaining the crowd. This is perfect for shy guests of honor… or jealous fiancés who forbid a male stripper.

2 Guys ~ $400
2 Hunks strip down to a g-string or briefs, back to back. Each dancer arrives separately and performs for approx 30-45 minutes* each. Recommended for more than 30 guests or parties that need entertainment longer than 1 hour*.

Special Orders

1 Male and 1 Female ~ $400
Sometimes bachelorettes prefer a female dancer and also need a male to entertain their guests. Simply add each dancer to your cart and checkout. The entertainers do NOT perform with each other.

Custom Package
In the RARE event you need 3 or more male strippers, please contact us to arrange something for you.

Celebrities and High-profile Clients
(see below)

*Actual performance length depends on crowd size and tipping.

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Female Stripper Prices

How much is a female stripper? How to order a female stripper

Babe Level 1 (common)

Topless Waitress ~ $225
1 girl serves cocktails for 1 hour topless. Recommended for for poker parties, sports events, or to warm up your guests. (1hr)

Standard Show ~ $225
A perfect choice for any occasion. You get 1 girl performing a professional strip show fully nude. At this point she will make your guests feel special with lap dances, party tricks, and more. However, you can decide how wild she gets with additional tipping. Although you might want a Fantasy upgrade to see the X-rated stuff. (30 min – 45 min)
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Babe Level 2 (popular)

Fantasy Toy Show $350
More interactive than a Standard performance and twice as long. Perfect if you want to shock & awe your bachelor party. One girl of your choice will bring adult toys to use on herself in addition to her strip routine. All guests get to watch unless you want a private dance/tease just for the guest of honor. (1 – 1.5hrs) order now

2 Girl Fantasy Show $650
Our most popular choice for bachelor parties. This is what made us famous. H&B created this original signature performance especially for demanding customers. You will get your first choice stripper to interact with her partner whom she is closest with. This insane girl-on-girl lesbian extravaganza is the ultimate gift you can give your party. Book this EPIC package today! (1 – 1.5hrs) order now

Babe Level 3 (rare)

Platinum Package $1500
Reserved for the high-level executive, pro athlete, or celebrity (see below). Get 2 Topless waitresses, 2 Standard single strips, and a 2 Girl Fantasy! That’s 6 GIRLS TOTAL… order now

Custom Package
Anything from Level 1 or 2 are perfect for 99% of all parties. Contact us if you need something different.

NOTE: All Fantasy Shows are void where prohibited by law.

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A travel fee may apply if your party location is far from our base cities. You will be notified by email before we finalize your order.

Celebrities and high-profile clients: Please have your assistant email us your NDA to [email protected] along with specific requirements.

Please DO NOT give us your client’s name! In addition to top level entertainers, we also provide additional layers of privacy and anonymity. You can rest easy booking with the most discrete stripping agency in the industry.

Additionally, most of our Hollywood and Professional Athlete clients book…


YES! We have midget strippers that travel to your party.

Hunks & Babes Values Your Business

AVOID strippers treating you like an ATM! Introducing True Pricing™.

With Hunks & Babes, your total at checkout is the True price you pay excluding travel fees (if applicable).

NO gimmicks, hassles, or bad surprises.

Hire strippers from an agency who respects you. Order your entertainment from Hunks & Babes today.

Book the Best Strippers in Town

Are you still hesitating to book a stripper? Don’t wait! Consequently, some of our top strippers might get too busy to squeeze you in last minute. Generally most customers book 2 – 3 weeks before their party date.

Therefore, only after careful research, you should secure your entertainment with a deposit on your credit card.

This final step is the best way to ensure you get the stripper you want for your party. Happy searching!

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