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Top 3 Tips in Booking a Las Vegas Stripper

Whether you are planning a bachelor party Vegas or a girl’s night out, knowing how to order a Las Vegas stripper will make sure you end up satisfied with your stripper party.

The following three tips will provide you with some important information you can use for ordering a male or female private stripper.

1. Go with a reputable Las Vegas stripper service

What if your Las Vegas dancer didn’t show up? Has your private stripper arrived three hours late? These are the types of problems people run into when they use a substandard stripper service to book their Vegas strippers. How can you make sure you are using a reputable stripper service? Use the internet as a tool to put you in contact with one of Las Vegas’s established services. Look for stripper services that offer testimonials from previous clients.

It only takes a few minutes to research a stripper service and check out their website and it will be well worth the extra time you put in. You can avoid a lot of disappointment and potential problems by making an extra effort to be sure that you are choosing the best stripper service in Las Vegas to book your private strippers.

2. Book your exotic dancers in advance

While you can always book strippers at the last minute for an impromptu party, the further in advance you are able to book your private strippers, the more selection you will have available to you. This is especially true if you have your heart set on one specific stripper from an agency. If you have a thing for hot blondes, or want a certain muscular, buff gentleman to arrive at your party, order your stripper as far in advance as possible to guarantee that what you order is what you end up getting.

Ordering in advance also takes some of the pressure off you in planning your party. Once that step is completed you can focus on the other details of your stripper party. Once you can cross the party strippers off your to do list you are free to take care of all of the other party details. You should plan for food, transportation, and any other activities.

3. If you have a special request, just ask

A reputable stripper service will be happy to accommodate reasonable requests made by their customers. If you want to order male strippers for a bachelorette party Vegas and have them show up in police uniforms to act out a scenario, just ask. You will need to make a phone call to the stripper service when you have a special request, but you will be glad that you did.

Stripper services are happy to fulfill special requests in order to make your evening a memorable one. When you are ordering Las Vegas strippers, if there is something reasonable that will make the whole experience that much better don’t be afraid to ask!