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How To Plan A Chicago Bachelorette Party In 5 Easy Steps

Planning a Chicago bachelorette party for a close friend or relative? Need some info on how to plan the perfect party celebrating this very special occasion? Learn how to plan your party in these five easy steps outlined below:

Step 1. Talk with the bride-to-be and find out what she had in mind.

You will want to plan a Chicago bachelorette party matching the personality of the bride-to-be. Get a feel for what she is expecting from her bachelorette party. Ask her is she had anything special in mind that she really wanted to do. Take her suggestions into consideration when planning the evening.

Step 2. Choose a date for the party.

How can you select the best date? The bride will want her closest friends and family members to attend this party. It will be up to you to make sure you find a date that works out for the bridal party and the closest friends and family of the bride. Most brides like for their bachelorette party to be about a month before their wedding ceremony. If it is planned too close to the wedding date it can interfere with last minute wedding errands and the bride will not enjoy it as much when she is preoccupied with worrying about her wedding day.

Step 3. Select a venue.

How can you select the right venue? Consider the type of party you are having. If the bride wants a house party with her closest friends and some party strippers, you can host the party at a house or in a hotel room. Make sure you rent a large enough room if you choose this option. The bride may also want to check out some hot clubs in the city or eat at a trendy new restaurant. Select a venue that is most suitable for the type of Chicago bachelorette party the bride wants.

Giovanni – WA

Step 4. Get the invitations out.

When should you get the invites out? Get the invitations out as soon as possible so that everyone important to the bride will be able to attend this special event. Include all of the pertinent information pertaining to the party on these invitations. If you would like for the guests to all wear a certain color on the night of the party please include this in your instructions. Also, if you are having a house party with Chicago party strippers you will want to mention this so that your guests can make sure to bring their singles for tipping.

Step 5. Have all of the invitees RSVP so you can finalize your plans.

Provide your contact information so that the invitees can either call or email you and let you know whether or not they will be attending the Chicago bachelorette party. This will give you a final head count you can use in making dinner or hotel reservations, picking up food and drinks for a house party, and for packing up goody bags for the party goers to take away. Enjoy your Chicago party strippers!

bachelorette party items games ideas
bachelorette party items games ideas


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