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Bachelorette Party Ideas Revealed Here!

Planning a bachelorette party can be both fun and stressful. Our ideas listed here will help you have more fun than stress. Of course what’s an bachelorette party without some professional party strippers from Hunks & Babes Entertainment to perform for the guest of honor!

No thong will be left undone as we dive deep into the possibilities of throwing the ultimate bachelorette party in Atlanta.

First, ask your friends’ opinions to get some ideas for the party. You may be surprised to find the bachelorette only wants to have a quiet dinner with friends. If this is the case, you may want to play a game where she’s tied to a chair and blindfolded.

You can then have a pair of Atlanta male strippers for hire wear a sexy cop outfit and ‘reprimand’ the party guests for being too rowdy. The guest of honor will be surprised to see a hot masculine hunk with his chiseled muscles grasping her clenched thighs. Her tensions will be released.

You can read your friend’s emotional reactions to the choreographed striptease and decide how long she should remain in the hot seat. If the bachelorette looks irritated or like she’s not having fun, just have a guest trade places with her.

When hiring private strippers in Atlanta, be sure to articulate your time requirements to the stripping agency especially if you have dinner plans or a limo pickup time for your guests.

Then run to the bank and make sure you have enough singles for your girls to tip the dancer(s).

A rough estimate is to supply 10 singles for each guest at your private party. Bachelorette party strippers charge extra fees for taking pictures and going fully nude, otherwise they perform down to a G string.

It’s great to take pictures during the strip show because you get to see the faces your friends make while being embarrassed by the private lap dances.

Prepare ahead of time by purchasing all party favors and supplies weeks before your epic bachelorette party. Unfortunately, there are very few brick-and-mortar bachelorette party supply stores. The good news is you have unlimited availability with a plethora of penis-infused paraphernalia purchasable online.

This includes: penis straws, penis molds for cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops, penis confetti, cock-shaped devil horns for the special guest, you get the picture. These special order items usually ship from China and can take as long as three weeks to reach you.

Don’t over order for the number of guests you expect at the party because a hundred percent attendance never happens.

Another wonderful bachelorette party idea is to plan games that incorporate the bride’s last night as a single lady. You can have your guests create and color their own personal penis out of paper and then blindfold them. Spin them around and point them towards a poster of a man on the wall.

The guest who pins their creatively decorated manhood to anatomically complete the picture of the man wins. It can be hilarious to see which of your friends miss the mark.

What About Bachelorette Party Stripper Games

More physical bachelorette party games can involve teamwork and skills. Before we get to the teamwork games, a simple game individuals can play involves a bunch of bananas. Have your guests race each other to see who can put a condom on the banana quickest using only their mouth and tongue.

The second runner-up can be determined by measuring how far the condom was placed down her banana.

The best idea for a team-orientated game involves multiple rings and a stick or bat. Guests are split up into teams of two people where one person places a stick between her legs while the other has to place rings on the stick using just her legs.

Another popular Atlanta bachelorette party idea that takes up a lot of time involves a deck of cards with printed instructions for the bride-to-be to perform. This is like a bachelorette scavenger hunt and can be fun to play especially in the city of Atlanta

To personalize  your bachelorette party, create a theme based around the quirkiness of the bride and groom. For example if the groom likes a certain superhero, you can have a Batman-themed bachelorette party.

Or if the bride is into dominatrix style sex, bridesmaids and guests can wear leather and purchase bondage  equipment for the honeymoon.

You can even go as far as to hire some veteran Atlanta female strippers to teach pole dancing lessons. It’s not for everyone, so make sure everybody is physically able to perform so you can critique their performance.

Most professional female exotic dancers can accommodate a crowd and teach you and your girls how to strip for your man in the bedroom.

Hosting your hen party at a local Atlanta bar is also popular. If your friends are wild and need a sampling of the city’s nightlife, your best bet is to rent a trolley, limo, or party bus. Collaborate with the driver to create the ultimate itinerary and include stops meaningful to the bachelorette, such as her first kiss or favorite meeting place with her groom.

The final step is to prioritize all your party ideas and incorporate a master plan. Try not to underestimate the time it takes to perform each bachelorette party game or schedule events too close together.

Sometimes opening gifts may take two hours and the private striptease for the bachelorette may be only a few minutes.

Being prepared will help utilize your time more effectively and maximize the fun you and your friends will have on the bride’s special night. One last quick tip:Don’t be afraid to make the party unique even though it may seem unusual.

bachelorette party items games ideas
bachelorette party items games ideas


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