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  • I’m so glad we hired Joah for our girl’s night in. He is OUTSTANDING. Kudos to the HB staff for... read more

    Erin S. Avatar
    Erin S.
  • SO…. my best friend turned 21 and I hired Andrew. I had no idea what to expect since I’d never... read more

    Josie M. Avatar
    Josie M.
  • Premiere is amazing. I didn’t think he’d be a great dancer because he’s so huge, but he proved me wrong.... read more

    Katrina B. Avatar
    Katrina B.
  • Mercedes looks like she should be strutting down a beach somewhere in Brazil. She has a really hot body and... read more

    Bobbie T. Avatar
    Bobbie T.
  • Tommy is SO hot! His moves reminded us of Magic Mike. He texted to let us know he’d be late... read more

    Valee M. Avatar
    Valee M.
Q: How much does it cost to hire dancers?
The price of hiring a professional dancer or stripper depends on many factors. Even relatively unknown experienced quality dancers, can command rates of $250 and up.
Q: What are crazy games for a bachelorette party?
No bachelorette party would be complete without some unforgettable crazy games! Here are just a couple:

Bra-pong, an insanely popular naughty lingerie game, similar to basketball.

Throw the ball right into the bra on a cork board or even stretched between two chair backs, and each time you plant the ball into the cup you score one point!

Suck – for – a – Buck, this game is as R-rated as it sounds.

Go from mild to wild, depending on your desire and imagination. The task is to get a stranger to suck off the candies on a shirt for the price of a dollar.

Q: How to make a bachelor party more exciting for the guys?
The concept of planning an entire bachelor party might seem daunting, but there’s nothing that tough about it, use the K.I.S.S. method, and keep it simple.

Book a trip to your favorite party location, but if that’s not feasible, host an all-out poker night locally for the Sin City experience for a quarter of the hassle.

Stock the bar, book a stripper near you, order in your favorite food, and get that deck of cards out!

Q: How much is a lap dance at a strip club?
Lap dances at a strip club will cost you about $100 for a short dance (1 song).

A VIP champagne dance on average is $400, and includes just one bottle of champagne with a dancer for less than an hour.

Q: How much do female dancers make?
“On a good weekend I make $1250 plus tips, averaging about $60,000 a year. I mostly just work on Saturdays”

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