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  • Randall has a great personality and is a great showman. The girls had a great time and can’t wait for... read more

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Q: How much does it cost to hire exotic dancers?

The price of hiring a professional exotic dancer/stripper depends on a few factors. The cost largely depends on your party location. Secondly, you can also pay extra to upgrade your level of service (for female dancers).

Either way the standard cost for hiring a dancer ranges from $200-$250.

Q: What are some crazy bachelorette party games?

No bachelorette party would be complete without some unforgettable crazy games! Here are just a couple:

BRA-PONG: an insanely popular naughty lingerie game, similar to basketball.

Throw a ball right into the bra cup stretched between two chair backs. You score one point each time you plant the ball into the cup!

SUCK-FOR-A-BUCK: this game can get as R-rated as it sounds.

Go from mild to wild, depending on your desire and imagination. The task is to get a stranger to suck off the candies from a shirt for a dollar.

Q: How to make a bachelor party more exciting for the guys?

The concept of planning an entire bachelor party might seem daunting, but there’s nothing hard about it. Just use the K.I.S.S. method (keep it simple).

Book a trip to your favorite party location, but if that’s not feasible, host an all-out poker night locally for a Sin City experience at a quarter of the hassle.

Stock the bar, book a stripper near you, order in your favorite food, and get that deck of cards out!

Q: How much is a lap dance at a strip club?

Lap dances at a strip club will cost you about $20 for a short dance (1 song).

A VIP champagne dance on average is $400, and includes just one bottle of champagne with a dancer for less than an hour.

Q: How much do female dancers make?

“On a good weekend I make $1250 plus tips, averaging about $60,000 a year. I mostly just work on Saturdays”

Q: Which dance parties does your agency provide service for?

Hunks & Babes offers a variety of party options including: Ladies Night Out Party, Birthday Party, Cop Party, Divorce Party, Office Party, All Male Stripper Party, All Female Stripper Party, or any other Occasion you desire!

Find Exclusive Fort Worth Strippers for Your Party

You can order the finest Fort Worth Strippers online for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and especially bachelor parties. However you can use our service for other special events and private parties. Do you desire to jazz up your enjoyment with the most prevalent stripping agency in Fort Worth TX? We hire by far the most sought after dancers and also persuade them to help you stay happy.

We raise the bar and also set the greatest principles. At this point our adult entertainers in Fort Worth must pass through a rigorous contracting process. This makes sure you will get sexy experienced adult entertainers at each and every party, on every occasion. You’ll get simply no hidden fees, no amateurs, and yet also get full help from our staff. Join the many happy.

Texas clients and trust your celebration to our support team. Click the Hunk or Babe on top and pick your stripper!

Special Entertainment For Fort Worth Bachelor Parties

Gentlemen, change your Fort Worth strippers party into a rare encounter! Therefore you need to book a couple of delightful female strippers from our company. The female entertainers who work for us are really cheerful, super sweet, seriously playful, and are also the most professional. Surprise your friends by making use of our spectacular exotic dancers in Fort Worth, Texas.



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Our girls in Fort Worth are competent in learning our special Hunks and Babes 2 Girl Fantasy Show. So why expend more money at a Texas strip club and not feel what you actually want? Our women perform activities that could never be observed in open public due to how fun they are. E-mail us to obtain information about our Fantasy Shows from Hunks & Babes Adult Entertainment Texas.

Fort Worth Strippers for Hire

Finally, many of our expert Fort Worth strippers are shown in magazines. In addition they have experience dancing at many strip shows inside nearby pubs and nightclubs. Our Fort Worth female strippers are some of the most popular talent in all of Forth Worth Texas. They can stand head to head with any other female professional dancer with as much as double the experience.

We only display real Fort Worth strippers with true pictures on our website for you to choose. Similarly we hope you consider the ratings regarding every stripper beneficial. Some entertainers have video clips either presenting themselves or working live. Enjoy!

Take your Fort Worth private party amusement to the next level simply by buying from us right here via the internet. Furthermore, we always travel direct to your party location! You choose from skilled dancers with verified results. In conclusion, give us a chance and we will turn your event into a raging party.

Something Extraordinary for Fort Worth Bachelorettes!

For the females, we have found the very hottest looking guys in Ft Worth Texas. Consequently you can now book them to perform an exclusive striptease for your Fort Worth bachelorette party. These sizzling hot Fort Worth strippers will stop at absolutely nothing to make sure that your ladies night out is perfect.


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Investigate our publicly accessible evaluations on each hunk to further reaffirm your choice will be a gigantic triumph. We have our men give genuine answers to personality questions in their bio to help you further tweak your choice. As a result, no matter what reason you have, any excuse to order from our company is a good one.

Professional Bachelorette Party Strippers

In 2002, Hunks & Babes Adult Entertainment was launched as one of the local stripping agencies. However, they soon found out that the demands for both male and female private strippers were significantly greater at that time compared to what they thought. As a result, the company expanded its services to other different locations.

As of now, the agency has signed up more than 1,000 strippers who work for them only. Additionally, Hunks & Babes pays much attention to providing premium entertainment. They literally hand-pick every single dancer and over the years, these dancers have become famous in a lot of cities throughout the U.S. Apart from being a consistent leader in this entertainment industry.

This stripper agency focuses on innovation, honesty and integrity.

Premium Level Strippers

Apart from treating their dancers with professionalism and respect, Hunks & Babes Entertainment Fort Worth treats their customers in the same way. What’s even more appealing is that you’re assured of premium bachelorette party strippers since they’re well-compensated for being the very best when it comes to this exotic dancer industry. As a result, the agency focuses to attracting and retaining top performers.

The Bachelorette Party Strippers: How Much Should You Expect to Pay Them?

In general, the quality will always come with a matching price tag. However, Hunks & Babes Fort Worth offers its customers with agency fees that are significantly lower throughout the U.S., and hence, they offset the overall costs.