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Top Reasons To Book a Hunks & Babes Stripper in Chicago


More than likely, you’ve discussed having some adult entertainment at your party and hiring one of our professional Chicago strippers for your event with the guest of honor and friends–the expectations have been set!

Don’t panic, you made it here, and we specialize in supplying the best exotic dancers for hire .

Hunks & Babes Adult Entertainment supplies male and female Chicago strippers for the hottest stripper parties. We have real professional dancers in Chicago available for any type of private event you want.

Checkout some of the popular types of stripper parties Hunks & Babes Entertainment offers:

  • Bachelor Party
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Ladies Night Out Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Cop Party
  • Divorce Party
  • Office Party
  • All Male Stripper Party
  • All Female Stripper Party
  • Whatever Occasion you Want
You'll get real Chicago female strippers for the hottest stripper parties

You’ll get real Chicago female strippers for the hottest stripper parties

You might like theme parties with your Chicago strippers dressed like a construction worker, firefighter, doctor, or sharp dressed, or maybe a sexy cowboy or cowgirl.  We can help you with some of the heavy lifting in your event planning, and check-off one of the most important items, order a Chicago stripper!

Once you rent a stripper, everything else falls into place, putting you well on your way to creating those infamous stories you’ll be retelling for years to come! Keep in mind, Chicago strippers have limited availability.

The best strippers in Chicago are in high demand, getting more business than they can manage, it’s basic stripper economics.

Find the sexiest black male strippers for the best Chicago stripper parties

Find the sexiest black male strippers for the best Chicago stripper parties

Last minute planning days before your event is doable.  However, wanting to hire an A-list stripper at 10 p.m. the same evening, is difficult to impossible. On the flip side, if cheap strippers are more important, you’ll likely be dealing with the less desirable strippers who perform for $100 or less.

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  • Andrew is the total package. He seduced the whole room with just his eyes. I was really nervous since I’d... read more

    Rhonda S. Avatar
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  • cute, hot, loving, fun... he looks even better in person. great great body! a must have for the party.

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Q: How much does it cost to hire exotic dancers?

The price of hiring a professional exotic dancer/stripper depends on a few factors. The cost largely depends on your party location. Secondly, you can also pay extra to upgrade your level of service (for female dancers).

Either way the standard cost for hiring a dancer ranges from $200-$250.

Q: What are some crazy bachelorette party games?

No bachelorette party would be complete without some unforgettable crazy games! Here are just a couple:

BRA-PONG: an insanely popular naughty lingerie game, similar to basketball.

Throw a ball right into the bra cup stretched between two chair backs. You score one point each time you plant the ball into the cup!

SUCK-FOR-A-BUCK: this game can get as R-rated as it sounds.

Go from mild to wild, depending on your desire and imagination. The task is to get a stranger to suck off the candies from a shirt for a dollar.

Q: How to make a bachelor party more exciting for the guys?

The concept of planning an entire bachelor party might seem daunting, but there’s nothing hard about it. Just use the K.I.S.S. method (keep it simple).

Book a trip to your favorite party location, but if that’s not feasible, host an all-out poker night locally for a Sin City experience at a quarter of the hassle.

Stock the bar, book a stripper near you, order in your favorite food, and get that deck of cards out!

Q: How much is a lap dance at a strip club?

Lap dances at a strip club will cost you about $20 for a short dance (1 song).

A VIP champagne dance on average is $400, and includes just one bottle of champagne with a dancer for less than an hour.

Q: How much do female dancers make?

“On a good weekend I make $1250 plus tips, averaging about $60,000 a year. I mostly just work on Saturdays”

Q: Which dance parties does your agency provide service for?

Hunks & Babes offers a variety of party options including: Ladies Night Out Party, Birthday Party, Cop Party, Divorce Party, Office Party, All Male Stripper Party, All Female Stripper Party, or any other Occasion you desire!

Imagine a middle-aged stripper with an alcohol problem showing up to dance.  No one will care about the money you saved.

Hiring Chicago Male Strippers for Bachelorette Parties

Never Underestimate The Importance Of A Sexy Stripper At face value, there is nothing complex about arranging a bachelor party. What can possibly require extensive effort between buying some snacks, organizing a spot where everything can happen, and contacting the first stripper you find online?

Get What You Pay For


Kyllie is just one of our female strippers that will entertain you at your Chicago stripper party

Kyllie is just one of our female strippers that will entertain you at your Chicago stripper party

The fact is you get what you pay for. So, if you want a stripper that can actually help everyone at the party to have a good time, it might require spending a little extra. At the same time, you should feel happy about the service you receive.

Take for example the strippers at Hunks & Babes Entertainment Chicago. These are individuals with a passion to perform, which also puts them in high demand. For the lack of a better description, you will not find more professional, good-looking, and the hottest strippers anywhere else in Chicago IL.

Not only do they bring social and friendly personalities to the table, but they also dance like they were born with a special talent. Make It A Night To Remember

There is no question that the central focus of a bachelor party is the stripper. And seeing as the bride and groom will only get one night to let their hair down, it is only appropriate to send them off with some great memories.

But these memories can’t be made if the stripper leaves everyone disappointed. Hence the reason for hiring a stripper through the right channels. If you try to assume whether one stripper is better than the other, you are taking an unnecessary risk.

And why take a risk when you can be sure the stripper is gorgeous or handsome, as well as a terrific dancer? Because a big part of the adult entertainment is how they put their sexy bodies on display. Forget About Borders And Distance

Regardless of whether you need a hot male stripper in a small town or in Chicago, Hunks & Babes Entertainment will supply top Chicago strippers to most areas within 45 minutes away . You just name the place, and we’ll make sure only the best Chicago exotic dancers are sent to your party.

Yes, you can simplify the bachelor party even more by simply going to a strip bar. This is especially true if you find the responsibility somewhat overwhelming. But keep in mind that strippers at at typical strip bar in the Chicago area might not be very impressive, and they are not going to pay attention to your party in particular.

Now, what is the point of a bachelor party if Chicago stripper doesn’t give the groom or bride-to-be extra attention? In a bar, you’ll have to compete for this attention. But not when you arrange a party where the exotic dancers are all about you and your guests.

Justin is one of our finest Chicago male strippers available for your party

Justin is one of our finest Chicago male strippers available for your party

Always Look At The Prices First. For the most part, exotic dancers are considered expensive. But you might be surprised to find some agencies, like ours, keeps all costs transparent and reasonable.

So, entertain the idea of having a sexy dancer turn up the heat because it is not as expensive as you think. Just check out the details during checkout to know exactly what the party will cost.

Choose The Perfect Male Stripper, The world is a wonderful place because there are so many different tastes and opinions. Even when it comes to booking a stripper, some guys want a blonde while others get hot under the collar for brunettes or redheads.

The great thing about working with Hunks & Babes Entertainment is that you get to see the our hot Chicago male strippers beforehand. And yes, they really are as gorgeous as you imagine right now.

This is one of the perks associated with hiring an exotic dancer for a bachelorette party. You get to control how entertaining the party is ultimately going to be. Take your time to select the perfect dancers suited for the special occasion.

By using Hunks & Babes Entertainment Chicago, the options will only range between the most stunning and talented Chicago strippers. In addition to experience, they always look good and they always leave everything out on the stage. Getting Your Party Organized.

When the time comes closer to making things happen, professional agencies like Hunks & Babes Chicago can be the perfect partners. When you are planning on throwing a bachelor/bachelorette party and want the best Chicago strippers in town everyone is going to remember for years to come, then you cannot compromise on the quality.

What To Expect From A Sexy Stripper? As mentioned earlier, there are several factors that make up the perfect dancer. And in light of helping you make the best decision, here are some points to consider before making a final decision. Is The Stripper Naturally Social?

Bachelor Party Exclusive

Choose Tiffany! Our top female Chicago stripper for birthdays and fun sexy events

Choose Tiffany! Our top female Chicago stripper for birthdays and fun sexy events


Planning ahead for your event has many advantages, including securing our signature performance of Hunks & Babes 2 Girl Fantasy Show.

This is an extremely intense private show you and your friends will not want to miss! All of our female strippers in Chicago are trained to perform this special show, but don’t wait till the last minute.

Procrastination is deadly, leaving you to book a B-list stripper, or worse yet, playing bachelor party games and throwing back shots of tequila. Alcohol, lodging, food, entertainment, limousine, and tipping for your event can add up to $1000 or more.

Don’t be afraid to ask the guys to pitch in well BEFORE your event to help cover the costs, it’s common and your wallet will thank you!  Don’t get caught with your pants down, pick your favorite  strippers for hire for your event from Hunks & Babes Chicago.

Everyone knows the real fun starts when the stripper arrives. He or she will break the ice and get things going in a direction everyone wants the party to go. In other words, the stripper needs to be naturally social and fun.

It’s also part of Hunks & Babes Entertainment policy to hire dancers with outgoing personalities. So, it doesn’t matter who your guests may be, they are sure to be entertained.

The alternative is to hire a stripper that cares more about receiving payment than making an impression. And what type of party is it going to be if the stripper steps in with a “just get it over with” attitude? You and your guests deserve the best stripper available.

Hire Danny for your Chicago bachelorette party birthday

Hire Danny for your Chicago bachelorette party birthday

Can The Stripper Work The Crowd? While dancing and stripping skills are highly prioritized among our professionals, they also focus on engaging their audiences. This means they do their best to ensure everyone enjoys the party. They will also interact with the crowd to create special energy – if that is what you need.

The truth is you want the stripper to be confident and worth the arrangement. But if he or she barely acknowledges the people they are supposed to entertain, everyone will leave disappointed. However, you can avoid disappointment by arranging a stripper for your private party through Hunks & Babes Entertainment Chicago.

Coming back to an earlier statement about dancing and stripping skills, it is natural that you want both to be exceptional. You want the stripper to move in a way you don’t get to see every day, or even at the local strip joint. Which is exactly why we only make the most talented strippers available to our clients.

Professional exotic strippers in Chicago at affordable prices! If you need a dancer to light up the roof, you are in good company. Because nobody does a bachelor party better than a professional stripper from Hunks & Babes Chicago.

We understand that throwing a bachelor/bachelorette party costs money. And if you have to pay the bill at the end of the day, you obviously want to try and get the best deal you possibly can. In this case, you do not have to compromise on quality to afford a stripper from our agency.

Gabby is a fine female stripper for hire in Chicago

Gabby is a fine female stripper for hire in Chicago

Given our popularity, we are in a position to charge the most competitive prices. And in return, you get real Chicago strippers that are going to make eyes pop all over the room. Not to mention the level of fun they are bound to stir once they step through the door.

The Best Chicago Strippers For Your Private Party

We can keep telling how wonderful our strippers in Chicago are and the degree of talent they have. And we can go on about how attractive they are. But ultimately, we want you to discover it for yourself. More specifically, we invite you to call up Hunks & Babes Entertainment from anywhere in America.

Because once you experience a party with our professionals, you won’t want it to end.

The process is very simple, straightforward, and you know you are getting more than what you pay for. All it takes is a call to get the wheels in motion. From there, you can rest assured you will be hosting the best bachelor/bachelorette party your friends won’t see coming.

Ladies, your friends know that you’re a rock star bargain hunter, and that’s why they put you in charge of the bachelorette party planning! They are also counting on you to come up with the best bachelorette party activities and an experienced dancer from a trusted stripper agency.

This is not widely known, but each striptease artist in every town is independent, and nearly all strippers miss work if a different agency is shelling out more money.

Start your Chicago male stripper party with a dance from Aries

Start your Chicago male stripper party with a dance from Aries

The “John Snow” you booked Saturday night at 8 p.m. for $135 is not coming because he has an 8 p.m. for $195. Why let an extra $35 to $65 ruin the chance of you and your friends of having the ultimate bachelorette party xxx experience?

So, who pays for bachelorette party activities, often everyone is asked to contribute. Don’t be afraid to ask your gal pals to pitch in, your bank account will thank you! What are you waiting for, pick your favorite Chicago stripper first, then, you can order right online directly from Hunks & Babes Adult Entertainment Chicago.

Chicago Exotic Strippers Specialists

We deliver to you our best dancers in Chicago for all occasions at affordable prices, specializing in Chicago strippers for hire for your bachelor and bachelorette stripper party and birthday parties. Your rent a stripper experience is important to us! In addition to a rigorous hiring process, all of our strippers go through a 15-point background check. Order a stripper online right now.

Carly arrived on schedule, she was super sexy…We are still talking about it!!! Highly recommended!!!! We take every measure to ensure you get Chicago strippers that are:

-the most professional and friendly
-extremely fun and entertaining
-exceptional dancers

And, we only display real Chicago strippers with real photos on our site–so you can browse and shop with confidence. But wait, here are 5 tips to get your strippers Chicago to stay longer (if you like them):

-Always tip a bit before the performance.
-Save all the singles for throughout the show.
-Value your strippers schedule even if they were late.
-Start right away, strippers don’t like to wait around.
-Include your stripper in a toast to the guest of honor.