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How to Find a Stripper for Your Party and Prepare in 3 Easy Steps

So do you want to get the most out of your strippers this season? Then simply follow these three stress-free steps in anticipation of their arrival. Moreover, strippers want you to enjoy their entire presentation from the start to finish. As a result, we want you to get the most out of the experience by following these guidelines.

Step #1 Call to confirm your booking a few days in advance.

Its easy to find local strippers but more challenging to find reliable service. First, call the agency and ask to confirm your booking. Then make sure that all of your info they have is correct. Otherwise, if your dancer accidentally arrives to the wrong address, they may not have time to go back to the correct one. You will also have to call and give your hotel room number on the day of your party.

At this point, you want to give any other special instructions you need. Examples might also include: a shy guest of honor, parties with special themes, or any other information that helps the stripper arrive at your party quickly and safely. Additionally, you can easily avoid common mistakes by clearly communicating your wishes objectively.

Step #2 Have singles ready for all of your friends to give as tips.

Even though Hunks & Babes requires a high level performance from its dancers, most private party strippers also develop their own unique routine. Furthermore, this routine will include portions that are for entertaining your friends as well as focusing on the guest of honor.

As a result, if you want extra special attention for your friend(s), be ready to tip your Hunk or Babe. Oftentimes your stripper will let you know the cost for a particular trick. For example, most female strippers ask for an extra $20 tip to perform a jaw dropping, over the top, impossible trick.

However, male strippers have limitations as far as what they can do at parties, so singles work just fine.

Strippers are part of the service industry. It is conventional to tip workers in the service industry. While it is acceptable to give the stripper a tip from everyone at the end of their performance, remember that much of their performance may be centered on special acts during dancing.

Therefore, most exotic dancers make a bulk of their tips during their performance. Consequently, it will help you the most to show your stripper some cash while they are entertaining instead of waiting until the very end.

Next, to make it a pleasurable night for everyone, get some stacks of dollar bills from the bank and have them on hand for your guests to use for tipping their stripper. Doing this improves the whole experience and also encourages the stripper to work harder to please everyone.

Additionally, if the exotic dancer doesn’t have to go to another show after yours, odds are good they will stay with your group and give you an extended performance (if there are more tips to be made).

Step #3 Prepare your room for optimal adult entertainment!

Whether you are having a private strip tease at your friend’s house or if you have rented a room inside a bar for your party, you will also need to get the room ready for action. You will need ample seating so that no one is left standing… or worse, stuck in a corner unable to see.

If lighting is poor, do not hesitate to bring in extra lamps. All exotic dancers will bring their own music and speakers, but some might be able to use your sound system if you have it set up. Most importantly, folding chairs or chairs WITHOUT arms always work best for use in strip shows.

However, tall bar-stools, backless chairs, or chairs with arms are the worst.

Keep in mind your guests can sit on anything, rather its just the performer who needs this style chair for dancing. Lastly, set up your guests’ chairs in a full circle to maximize the viewing area. Finally everyone can experience the entertainment!

Make sure your dancer has access to an electrical outlet so that they can plug in their music. Most strippers dance a specific way to music they love in a room big enough to make everyone feel comfortable. For this very same reason you will need to make sure they have an adequate amount of space in order to perform.

Clear out a 15 or 20 square foot space if possible. Since some hotel rooms can be too small, some customers flip the bed mattress against the wall.

Strippers need space to dance in your face!

In either case, each stripper has their own special routine that requires space. This is so they can implement tricks on the floor, standing up, or on a chair. Finally, to get the most out of their performance, make sure they have the space to showcase their abilities!

That’s it! Now you know what to do after you find local strippers to perform.

P.S. – Thanks for taking the time to read this! Our dancers really appreciate your efforts to accommodate them and give you their BEST performance because of it.