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3 Things to Avoid renting party Strippers in Chicago

Whether you are renting strippers in Chicago for a private bachelor party or for some sexy fun, there are certain things you should avoid doing when booking your party strippers to make sure your experience is everything you hoped it would be.

Avoid the following three mistakes and get the most for your money:

#1 Waiting for the last minute to book your party stripper.

You will end up with slim pickings when you wait until the last minute to book. Let’s face it; most of the top agencies have a couple of extremely hot party strippers that are always in demand. If you are renting a female stripper on a Saturday night during the height of bachelor party season, you should not expect the hottest party strippers to have openings at the last minute.

Instead, if you are planning a last minute party, consider having it on an off-day. Most party strippers are happy to take parties on days when they aren’t typically busy. Consider having a party on a Friday or Sunday. You can also rent a stripper for a weekday party if you want first pick of all the hot Chicago party strippers.

#2 Not giving yourself a window of time.

Chicago traffic is rough. Give yourself a window of time for the arrival of your Chicago party stripper when planning your evening’s events. Give yourself a half hour before your party is scheduled to start and an hour or two after. The more flexible you can be with your timing, the more you will enjoy your evening.

Make sure you have plenty of things to do to keep your guests entertained while you wait. Have beverages, snacks, and other activities to keep your guests occupied. Party strippers in Chicago may arrive late. There are a number of factors that could cause them to be held up. Instead of worrying about a late party stripper ruining your party, give yourself a window of time.

#3 Only book with a reputable agency.

The best way to make sure your evening goes off without a hitch is to choose a reputable Chicago agency that has worked hard to establish itself as a leading stripper agency. Look for an agency that has been in business for a number of years and that has earned a top spot on the web when it comes to customer reviews and testimonials.

This is the smartest thing that you can do to guarantee you will end up satisfied with your Chicago party stripper. A reputable agency will only employ party strippers that have a proven track record of arriving to their parties on time and ready to party. Book the party of your life with a reputable Chicago agency today.