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Over 900+ dancers LOVE working for H&B because:

  • You Keep More – Retain 100% CASH plus tips.
  • You Make More – Highest payout in the industry.
  • You’re More Safe – We screen and secure parties.


Why are Strippers Needed Now?

Welcome to the most prestigious stripper company in the USA. Yes, we have stripper jobs. We are a top level agency, our website gets over 2,000 DAILY visitors (the highest in the industry), and are STILL GROWING! However, we also employ over 900 dancers! In order to stand out, please invest in professional photos so you get more bookings and make more money. At this point we are hiring strippers at a rate of one out of 100 applicants. Our customers expect accurate, well-lit, high quality photos (see pictures tab below).

Male Stripper Jobs

We are especially looking for muscular, good looking gentlemen who have a positive attitude and ambition to make huge piles of cash every week. There is an equal demand for your talent as there is for our Babes, yet only 45% of our team is male strippers. This creates an opportunity for you to get more shows from us.

In addition to getting more work, you also get the highest cash pickup in the industry. HB Strippers is able to balance the total cost by reducing the agency fee for customers because of the massive volume we do. No other agency can touch us.

Unfortunately, we are only hiring strippers with experience, and who take this career seriously. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Hunk? Then show us what you got and apply now!

Read Before You Apply to be a Stripper for Hunks and Babes

Stripping Experience

Hunks & Babes is currently hiring strippers with experience only! We are an extremely busy and exclusive adult entertainment agency, serving the nation’s most prestigious patrons. Because of these high expectations, we only hire talent committed to doing their absolute best at all times. Therefore we have the most influential stripper jobs in the country.

Thousands of customer’s book with us each year because of the high standards we hold.

Create Your Own Flexible Schedule

We offer our entertainers an unparalleled working environment! Dance as many or as few hours as you wish — you create your schedule. Make limitless amounts of money working with great people in a professional atmosphere! We want you to feel completely comfortable and are also here to guide you in whatever direction you are looking to take your stripper job. Furthermore, Hunks and Babes is well known for helping dozens of entertainers reach their dream of appearing in prestigious Playboy and Playgirl.

Whether you are considering a confidential weekend gig to boost your income, or you are looking to begin a long and creative career in the adult industry, we are here to help!

A Stripping Agency That Puts You 1st

We are your agent, your friend, your confidant, and your security system. We are also here to provide you with immediate work at a top paying salary. In addition, H&B works hard to earn your trust. We will NEVER ask you to perform in any uncomfortable situations. If you need consistent work from a top stripping agency, then Hunks & Babes will not let you down! We even give you the freedom to work anywhere with no contracts to sign! Finally, welcome to the top stripping employment agency in America.

More importantly, our strippers enjoy the highest payout.

NO Pictures = NO Work!

You will NOT be given work until your pictures are on our site. NO EXCEPTIONS. Your face can be censored if other work obligations require it. Otherwise we expect the following from you:

• Professional strippers have quality photos. NO Selfies!
• Make a 10 sec. video why you like stripping.
• Have a friend take a full body picture of you. Send in your photo like the dancer below. (make it count!)

Hire Strippers with optimal photos like this to get the best stripper jobs possible. Find top pay stripping employment here.Stripper Job Application help. Do not send us poor quality photos with your exotic dancer application because we are hiring strippers who follow directions.

How to Apply to be a Stripper

First of all, it is important to know we strive for excellence and are very selective in our hiring process. Strippers with lots of experience and professional photos will have the BEST CHANCE OF JOINING OUR EXCLUSIVE TEAM. All incomplete applications will be thrown away. In addition to following simple directions on this page, we also look at your timely communication with us. You must include the following 6 items (99% of applicants FAIL at following these instructions). We really do hire only 1 out of 100 applicants.


Email with:

  1. 1. Pictures including one of your full body. (no selfies)
  2. 2. Your stage name.
  3. 3. Your cell phone number.
  4. 4. The city + state you want to work in. (must be from our list of locations)
  5. 5. Describe your experience with other stripping agencies.
  6. 6. Your state ID or license mandated by the 18 U.S.C. 2257 laws. (use your camera phone)

All information is confidential and also will never be shared. Applicants concerned about the ID requirement can censor their license/ID number but NOT date of birth.

We Are Hiring Strippers Now!

Finally, all positions open including male dancer jobs, become a male stripper, female stripper jobs, become a female dancer, this is the place to begin your career as a stripper. However, if you need ideas… LADIES: Send in a simple video of you dancing. Anyone seeking stripping employment must fill out the exotic dancer application above.

How to Get Into Stripping Employment

Ever wonder what age can you start stripping? In the US, topless or fully nude strippers must be a minimum of 18 years old. However, that age increases to 21 when alcohol is available at the same strip club. The good news is you can begin your new stripping employment as a private party dancer now! First practice lap dances on your boyfriend or girlfriend, then try it at a party. Then schedule time to observe a professional stripper and learn the nuances of customer service.

The Best Exotic Dancer Application

You’ll be happy to know its not just your looks that determine how much money can you earn from stripping. The best two qualifications for stripping are a positive attitude and being reliable. Your look obviously plays a part, but the right personality can make you wildly rich.

Stripper Places

If you are searching how to apply to be a stripper at a Gentlemen’s club, then here are some of the best strip club places to work for.

Mostly females apply to these clubs with a 99% hire rate – even with NO EXPERIENCE! This is because strip clubs make their girls pay a house fee to work.

However, male strippers work at the same establishments under a weekly or monthly ‘male revue show’. In other words, strip clubs attract female bachelorette parties on the slowest nights of the week by having male strippers perform (what loosely passes as choreography) on stage. You’ll have to contact the club and find out first if they host these shows. Good luck!!

**Earn 20-30% more because the customer is happy from the start. Dancers report other agencies set them up for failure because they have customers pick from fake photos. This also creates confusion and frustration at the door. Both the customer and dancer feel cheated. In conclusion, avoid being put on the spot and work for us!