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How to Get Your Party Ready for a Stripper in Atlanta With Four Easy Steps.

Get the most for your dollar when booking a stripper in Atlanta by following these easy guidelines. Hiring Atlanta strippers can be confusing when it comes to pricing. You’ll find booking strippers for your private party is cheaper and easier than visiting any Atlanta strip clubs regardless of crowd size. The following steps ensure a great time will be had by all.

First step: Secure a private party location that accepts strippers to be present.

You may be surprised to find that some establishments don’t allow full or partial nudity even in private rooms. You need to know this up front. Simply tell the truth when reserving a hotel, private room at a bar, or any other venue that you’ll be having professional strippers in Atlanta perform a striptease there. A majority of parties occur inside hotel rooms and get very loud. Noise is the number one reason an Atlanta bachelorette party at a hotel ends with the guests getting kicked out. Always remember that extra cash can change anyone’s mind in party environments and tipping management could help them look the other way.

A simple suggestion is to let the hotel concierge know you’ll be having a loud party so that they can accommodate your request beforehand. You must pay the Atlanta stripper before they begin and if your party gets dissolved even one minute after the stripper begins the show, you lose that money.

If you are throwing an Atlanta party, consider having it in your garage or family room. Be sure to have plenty of seating such as folding chairs if holding the party in your garage. Not only will you save hundreds of dollars on liquor expenses, you’ll have more privacy for the male stripper(s) to perform an uncensored strip show.

Second step: Equip your guests with dollars for tipping the stripper.

A veteran private party stripper has developed multi levels of entertainment for larger tips. The base fee collected covers a standard strip show unless you already selected a high level of service through the website such as a fantasy show. The basic routine of any stripper includes paying attention to the guest of honor first. The entertainer then continues to involve other willing guests and concludes with a final dance for the guest of honor. Special acts or tricks require additional tipping that the Atlanta stripper may verbally indicate. Most people have larger bills on them to accommodate more expensive stripper tricks. If you are the party planner,go to the bank and get at least 10 singles for every person attending so you can cash in their larger bills for your smaller bills. This service is a great convenience for your guests and ensures a smooth transition to party mode. Planning ahead really rocks your Atlanta party.

Third step: Prepare the party room.

Making a checklist is particularly useful when planning an off site party. Most parties will have decorations and games. There are a few things that are necessary for all party types to ensure a smooth performance.

Make sure you have abundant seating for all your guests. Larger crowds can’t see the performance if the Atlanta stripper is on the ground and everyone is standing. Creating a circle of folding chairs around a flat carpeted surface is an ideal setup for a strip show performance. Additional party guests can always stand behind people sitting in the chairs and still get a good view of the strippers.

Atlanta male strippers use a ‘hot seat’ method which requires a solid chair without arms on it. Your guests can sit on beds, sofas, crates, but be sure there is a folding chair  in the middle of the room for the Atlanta stripper to use. If you’re in a hotel, request the concierge to bring up an extra chair.

Every stripper carries their own music and needs an AC outlet to plug into. It may be helpful to supply an extension cord to optimally position their music so everyone can hear.

Shot glasses, liquor, whipped cream, Jell-O, pudding, oil, or a special stripper costume you would like your private stripper to wear should be accessible before they arrive. Most Atlanta strippers have other shows before and after yours so time is critical and should be used wisely.

Fourth and final step: Have fun and enjoy yourself also!

Hosting a party in Atlanta can be stressful. Hopefully these steps help you and your guests have fun and create an Atlanta party to remember.