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The Ultimate Bachelor Experience

It’s the ultimate bachelor party experience, a weekend long Bachelor party Las Vegas style. It is every man’s dream. Spending an adventurous weekend in Sin City to engage in all of the vices that this town has to offer is one of the best things you can do for your guest of honor.

Eat and drink all that you want, gamble until you lose all of your money, and see some of the finest female strippers that you will ever get to see in Nevada. You experience all of this in one spectacular weekend.

Most guys dream of it, but only a few ever really plan out a Bachelor party Las Vegas style for their friend. They make on excuse after another as to why they cannot carry out their friend’s innermost desires. Seriously, what kind of friend are you to deprive another man of one of the best experiences that he could ever have?

If the future groom has been hinting about wanting the best Bachelor party Las Vegas has to offer, then you had better start planning it now!

Map out your quest for the best Vegas bachelor party

First of all, planning the ultimate bachelor party will take some time so try and start planning it out as soon as you can. You will want to select a weekend that is close to the wedding date, perhaps a month or two away. We all know what happens to the guys in the movie “Hangover”.

You should start looking at lodging accommodation, flights, and the travel dates. Once you have booked these three major things then the rest of your planning will fall into place and a lot more fun.

Next up, you will need to plan for entertainment. Luckily for you, Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. There are a number of activities that you and your friends can do during the daytime hours. Besides gambling right away, you can order a stripper to your hotel room and kick things off the right way.

Get plenty of rest because the real entertainment takes place in Vegas during the evening hours.

Vegas strip clubs are an option

If your group stays up late and drinks a lot then don’t plan for a lot of daytime entertainment. You will need to make sure that you really go out of your way to make sure that your evenings are action packed. If you are headed out for the ultimate guys night out at Vegas’ nightclubs why not start the night off right and order a Vegas stripper to come to your hotel room and entertain you before you leave for the night?

There is nothing better to set the tone for an evening for fun than a gorgeous stripper parading around in your hotel room. It is cheaper than most of the Vegas strip clubs and you are able to get away with special services that you will never find at the most prestigious Vegas establishments.

And of course we have not forgotten about Sapphire gentlemen’s club in Vegas or Spearmint Rhino with hundreds of featured dancers that work there daily. If you want to fill your evening with the scents and sights of gorgeous women, take all of your friends out to one of Vegas’ famed strip clubs.

You will see right away why Vegas is known as the Stripper Capital of the country. These women come from everywhere in order for their shot to hit it big in the adult entertainment industry in Vegas.

Let some of the hottest strippers in the world entertain you all night long with all of their best moves and most provocative dances in a Vegas strip club.

webcam stripper shows
webcam stripper shows


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Most agencies do NOT disclose to you their hidden at-the-door fees (this usually doubles your total price). This means when you see a website advertising a female stripper for $50, they arrive demanding an additional $200 ‘mandatory tip’ before performing.

Hunks & Babes is transparent and has no hidden costs. Our agency fee is the lowest in the country and we stand behind our quality.

No other agency comes close to what we offer. An unheard of 75% of the total goes to our girls when the industry norm is only 25%! We do this so you get the talent you expect. We never collect money from our dancers so they are motivated to give you their best. Every party every time.

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