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Top 10 Tips for Hiring Los Angeles Dancers

Are you looking to host the wildest private stripper party with some of the hottest party strippers Los Angeles has to offer? Look no further because when it comes to ordering the best Los Angeles strippers for bachelor or bachelorette parties only Hunks & Babes will do. With many rookie party planners booking their first private stripper in Los Angeles, it’s important to utilize the following tips to ensure both parties are happy and your night is successful.

You can use one or all of these tips when ordering Los Angeles party strippers for your private bachelor, bachelorette, or birthday party. If anything, this information will give you excellent insight into an unfamiliar adult industry.

Tip #1 Spend time and thoroughly investigate the company you wish to do business with.

Here’s a big secret: Los Angeles party strippers are independent contractors who are free to work with any adult agency they choose. Ordering private party strippers online is not regulated or monitored by any group or agency and most likely never will be. It’s up to consumers like you to report any wrongdoing or misrepresentation to social media or complaint websites. However, when researching your favorite online stripping agency, please keep in mind that reviews both good and bad could be written by competitors instead of real customers.

Tip #2 Compare photos of dancers in different regions within the same company website.

Newer agencies that try to expand into other cities they don’t have coverage in copy and paste their party strippers who only work in one city. The same party stripper who works in Chicago obviously can’t work in Los Angeles, but online stripping agencies have the same party stripper for you to choose from. Employee turnover is also fairly high so you run into the risk of ordering a private stripper who no longer works for the company.

Tip #3 Look for improper grammar, misspelled words, and mismatched dancer stage names.

Most prices for ordering dancers are competitive and don’t fluctuate much. However, the overall cost of hiring a private Los Angeles stripper is expensive and premium quality service is expected. What kind of service should you expect from a company that doesn’t even maintain the quality of their own website?

Tip #4 Research using search engines and type in the company name or stage name with city.

It’s common to use Google or Yahoo to research reputation and reliability. Most customers don’t consider actually typing in a party stripper’s stage name + Los Angeles.  You may be shocked to find the female or male party stripper you’re looking at is actually much older than the pictures provided or that they work for multiple agencies. You may find comments on the actual stripper themselves and get a good grasp as to the authenticity of their entertainment. See if you can find the timestamp on the most recent comment and if it is longer than one year, chances are that stripper for hire  doesn’t work there anymore.

Tip #5 Find reviews or social media posts on each Los Angeles stripper you want to order.

To coincide with tip number four, you may stumble across the Facebook page of a Los Angeles stripper. Of course these pages can be monitored and changed to mold the desired image and gain more business. It’s difficult to create hundreds of fake profiles and like your page or even write detailed comments. There are even party stripper LinkedIn profiles that you can look over. Be careful! This is  just like ordering your home stripper from  craigslist — you don’t know whowill show up at your door. Please use social media only as a method of research and not for contacting the party strippers. There have been police sting operations arresting unsuspecting customers using non-conventional websites to hire disguised escorts. Just be safe and order from Hunks & Babes. None of our party strippers are escorts and  they’ve all passed a rigid quality standards test.

Tip #6 Uncover the truth about Los Angeles female party strippers.

If you’re having a Los Angeles bachelor party and planning on having the hottest private strippers parading around in their sexiest lingerie, this is certainly achievable. The breathtaking supermodel type strippers that rate over the 10+ scale usually are not doing toy shows for cheap tips. The upper echelons of  party strippers know they don’t have to get nasty dirty to get your money. They  work at the busiest Los Angeles strip clubs to maximize their exposure to as many hungry men as they can. Guys will empty their wallets simply to be in the presence of their dream girl. If this is what you’re looking for, then go visit a gentlemen’s club! You are sure to find the dirtiest girls who perform tricks that are seared into your mind’s eye forever. You want to see, hear, and smell things that you may never experience again in your lifetime. You want a trained female party stripper who not only knows what you like, but how to give it to you.  Ordering from a website that shows all playboy model quality photos should create a red flag for you.

Tip #7 Hire more than one stripper.

Sure, that’s what we want you to believe because we want more of your money! Actually, party stripper no-shows do happen and it’s not a happy thing. It will suck the air out of any party regardless of how much fun was had to that point.

Tip #8 Order your Los Angeles party stripper weeks in advance.

The most experienced private strippers are in the highest demand and their schedules fill up quicker than other party strippers. Not only should you book your entertainer a month in advance, you should also schedule him or her earlier in the evening so that they’re not late coming from other parties.

Tip #9 Use an established stripping agency that knows Los Angeles party strippers.

Business owners can post any start date for their business to make it look like they have ‘experience’. You can’t hide when a domain name is registered. This is public record and can be easily found. If a company lies about their age to deceive customers into trusting them, what wouldn’t they lie about?

Tip #10 Recognize that some Los Angeles male dancers perform male revue shows at local clubs.

Some, but not all male party strippers may be a part of a monthly special revue show that can fall on the date of your party. If your heart is set on a specific male stripper for hire, then go see him dance onstage! For a more intimate lap dance, change your party date.

Wow, you actually read all of these tips! Now you know how to order our private party strippers who offer you that once-in-a-lifetime experience that you wont’ find in any Los Angeles strip club.