Top 5 Bachelorette Party Items

Make your night epic!

Fun moments happen in the details. Since you are in charge of everyone’s experience, we thought we’d share some top picks from over 100k+ maid-of-honors.

You’ll also be happy to know all 5 items together cost under $60!

#1 Bachelorette Party Sash

By far the the most important piece for your bride-to-be’s special day.

#2 Bachelorette Party Games

Never played it, but it’s ALL we hear about.
WHAT DO YOU MEME? For The Girls – Adult Party Game

#3 Bachelorette Party Decor

An easy way to create privacy for that special lap dance.

#4 Bachelorette Party Cups

Drink with style & class.
Ditch those red solo cups!

#5 Bachelorette Party Candy

Keep her busy with a Ring Pop.
A flirty way to add flavor.

Of course there are more things to buy like liquor and food, but at least you have the basics covered now.