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First and foremost you get premium talent supported by our reputation of offering only the most professional strippers for your private party. HB stripper service provides the best male or female dancers for your bachelor or bachelorette party in over 100 cities.

Next, you can rely on our agency because adult entertainment is all we do. In fact, Hunks & Babes only sends you real strippers with real experience.

In any case, here are the top 3 reasons 213,000+ customers choose our stripper service… Order a stripper now.

1. EXPERIENCE – Let PROs Entertain Your Party.

Not only is it important for your stripper to look hot, they also need to know how to entertain your guests. For this reason, only 1 out of 100 applicants make our team. As a result, our high standards ensure you have the BEST time possible.

Time-proven Stripper Service

By the way, providing strippers is all we do, since 2002!

experience professional stripper service

You won’t get B-list strippers like you find at ‘discount’ agencies.

2. RELIABILITY – Your Reputation is on the Line.

Presumably you have pressure to get HOT entertainment. Still no one will care who you choose if your dancer doesn’t show-up. Unfortunately, you’re to blame and it’s not fair.

Now when it comes to reliability, we give you the best odds in the industry. At this point, no one comes close to matching our reliable service.

Our reliable stripper service is perfect to rent male or female exotic dancers
Nearly half of our bookings come from referrals because we are so reliable.

3. TALENT – The Competition Envies Us.

Low-cost agencies dream of having this level of service.

Something Rare for Bachelors

Ultimately you want to impress your most demanding of friends. For this reason, we offer you our Signature 2 Girl Fantasy Show. You will succeed by booking our production quality girl-on-girl lesbian show.

This is the highest level of service we offer, and is the #1 most popular request for bachelor parties.

talent lesbian strip shows
No doubt we have the best girl-on-girl strip shows in the industry.

What happens at a Fantasy Show?

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A Perfect Match for Bachelorettes

Arguably our male strippers are the most fun, handsome, and professional in the industry. Moreover each Hunk knows how to tailor their performance from mild to wild based off of your comfort level.

Therefore, ordering male strippers for bachelorette events with Hunks & Babes guarantees you success no matter if your guests are shy or spontaneous. They’ll work the party and make the bride feel sexy and relaxed, so everyone else at the party has the best time ever.

The Best Adult Entertainers

Bachelorette parties don’t have to be a bore when you can hire strippers for your private party. Everyone of your friends can cut loose and have a fun night. Strippers know how to provide the best adult entertainment.

Why Strippers?

Strippers have been the staple of adult parties for a long time. However, for many years, women avoided hiring strippers for their own parties. Now, more and more women are admitting that they want to have a fun night with hot men.

If you want to plan a sexy party that’s fun from start to finish, you’ll want to host a bachelorette party with strippers. A wild party for the bride to be is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it’s not the time to keep things simple. On a night like this, you’re going to want to go all out.

Hiring the Best Bachelor Party Strippers

If you’ve ever planned a bachelor party for your buddies or yourself, you might not know how to choose the best girls adult entertainment in your area. If you’re looking for the hottest and sexiest female stripper, you’ll have to find the right place to hire the best girls in the business.


Your party deserves only the best female strippers.

The Best Strippers In Your City

When you work with Hunks & Babes Strippers Service, you’ll be able to hire hot and sexy exotic dancers that regularly perform at private parties. Hunks & Babes makes a point of hiring the hottest girls and guys. If you want the best, this is the company you’re going to want to work with.

Adult Entertainers In Your Area

No matter what city or state you’re in, you’ll be able to hire sexy professional female strippers through Hunks & Babes. We provide private dancers all across the US. Your location doesn’t have to limit your options when you’re hiring strippers for your event.

Hunks & Babe Entertainment can provide spectacular female strippers from any city for your private event.

Fantastic Options

One of the benefits of booking strippers for a private event is that you’ll be able to choose who dances at your party. You’ll be able to select the kind of strippers you want for your bachelor party, and all without compromise.

Hunks & Babes Strippers is proud of our hiring process. We filter more applications than any other stripper service. Likewise, we only accept the best strippers who consistently outperform competitors.

All of the girls and guys that entertain for Hunks & Babes are stunning, professional, and reliable strippers. You’ll be able to explore your options and choose the dancers that you want to book for your best adult bash.

Reviews on Hunks & Babes:

Finally, a Stripper Service Made Easy.

At this point the verdict is in! Hiring a stripper service for your party should be so easy. As many as 10,000 customers use us each year to provide fun adult entertainment for any occasion. In addition to reliability, we give you exclusive access to an all-star team of top ranked dancers. You also get a fixed price with no hidden costs.

Get the Support You Need to Plan Your Private Event

Consequently it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been in business if your party is the one that gets ruined. Therefore, you get full access to our staff all through your party night to help make your party run smoothly. Now you can relax and enjoy your entertainment too!

This is especially relevant because peace of mind is priceless when you are already so busy on your special night.

Moreover, we are #1 in the industry because customers like you stood by us for over 18 years. In return, we stand by you when you place your trust in our service. Otherwise what are you waiting for?! Ordering only takes 5 minutes!

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Finding Top Male Strippers for Hire

Imagine throwing a bachelorette party that nobody has a good time at. It’s totally stressing to think about it. What can you do?  It comes down to hiring the best male strippers that are going to add incredible value to your party. Our Hunks will make it the hottest party ever for you and your guests.


Black male strippers from HB Strippers service.

Choosing a professional stripper service that offers hot and sexy male strippers in your area is crucial and a stripper agency that that can deliver the right stuff on time and at the right price for your private party.

Here are the reasons to go with a sexy male stripper from Hunks & Babes Entertainment.

Entertaining: When it is time to host a male stripper party, you will have a few immediate questions like “how much do male strippers cost?”  You are going to learn about your options when hiring male strippers so you have the best adult entertainers in the area.

Entertainment is a must and it starts here with a male stripper party.

Memorable: There are many things that go into hosting a great party and creating the best memories. Imagine throwing a party with all of your friends, but turns out to be a flop. Don’t throw a soon-to-be forgotten mediocre bachelorette party!

You want to mix things up and that is why you need to go with a high-quality male stripper or two. They are going to make a difference, and everyone will have a good time as well.

Variety: Choose our best black male strippers, gay male strippers, or shirtless waiters. Either way, you always get real strippers to your party. Choose a service that has your best interests in mind. Hunks & Babes takes the time to thoroughly screen and filter its employees. When you go with the best, you feel safe knowing you are in the most capable hands. We go the extra mile to make you happy.


Real male strippers for hire from HB Strippers service.

Affordable: Want to waste your money on lousy male strippers? Competitors are happy to steal your cash. Otherwise, want to have stress-free fun at your party? Time to hire the best male dancers from Hunks & Babes Entertainment.

Finding a budget-friendly strip show that is also jam-packed with entertainment can be challenging. When this is the case, you only need one service that gets the job done right the FIRST time, because that’s all you have. Finding the right male stripper is all about finding the right service. As long as you do this, your party is going to be a great one.

Training: Hunks & Babes reputation is known for hiring only the best. Professionally taught male strippers do things the right way, so everyone has fun. All of our male strippers have at least 3 months experience, with most having a few years. Furthermore, our dancers consistently get numerous 5 star reviews.

Dependability: You are gaining access to the most reliable male strippers for hire anywhere and there is a high degree of trust that comes along with the process. Instead of hoping for a good party, know your entertainment is secure.

HB Strippers service guarantees professional dancers to your party. This means you can confidently give your guests maximum entertainment. Our strippers further adapt their performance to what you and your guests want.

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