Midget Strippers

Hire Midget Strippers For Your Private Party
We have midget strippers that will travel to your location! The cost is significantly higher if your party is in a state where our little person talent does not reside. Prices range from $800 – $1200 when you include travel accommodations. You must contact us for availability and get a price quote. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY. Price is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

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Is it worth the money to hire midget strippers?

Yes, it is truly a unique experience! Having a little person strip tease is something you will always remember. Most of the cost goes to paying the entertainer including the travel expenses. Some Hunks & Babes midget exotic dancers have traveled up to 1,100 miles! We are one of they few agencies that can provide this special service to private parties.

Why can’t you lower the price on little person dancers?

Our agency fee is the same low price as if you ordered a regular dancer. Midget strippers always travel with a bodyguard/aid whom also needs compensation. Little person entertainers are highly requested. We only employ 1 or 2 little person strippers in each top major city. Our little person talent will only perform at your party for the price we quote you. The only way to get a low price is if you are lucky enough to have the entertainer live close by.

How much time do I need to hire midget entertainment?

You need to reserve any midget strippers AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! It takes a lot of time coordinating to make your party go smoothly. HB Strippers has been in business since 2002 and employs over 500 exclusive dancers. No other company will have the resources or expertise to make your party unforgettable.

Please visit our contact page and provide us with details about your party.